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You can now watch our Homeownership Informational Meeting online

Due to the high demand for affordable housing options in Spokane, Habitat for Humanity has implemented a waiting list for all new applications.

Please submit your contact information below and our Homeowner Services department will follow up with you as soon as there is availability to begin the application process. In the meantime, you can watch the informational video above and review our homeowner qualifications here to ensure that you’re prepared when your application opportunity arrives. Please be aware that the waiting list times are variable and may take up to a year before you are able to apply. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

please fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist:


Contact our Homeowner Services Department:

(509) 534-2552

After watching the Homeownership Informational Meeting online and reviewing the qualifications, you may download an application.

Please save and complete the application.

Contact Homeowner Services if you have any questions.

After filling it out, you will need to schedule a meeting with Homeowner Services to turn in your application and discuss your next steps.

NOTE: the completed version of this application will include sensitive personal information. In order to protect your information please schedule a meeting with us and do not email us your application.

please fill out the form below to download the homeowner application:


Contact our Homeowner Services Department:

(509) 534-2552 x237