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Join us on June 3rd to kick off

Blitz Build 2024!

Please join Habitat for Humanity-Spokane on June 3rd at 8:30am to kick off the celebration of Blitz Build 2024!

This event is not a traditional home dedication, however, we are VERY excited to join the community of Spokane Valley and celebrate the efforts of community partners, volunteers, and the hard work families devote when partnering with Habitat-Spokane.

RSVP below for address.

there’s no place like home

Home dedications are a celebration of the efforts of volunteers, donors and the hard work families devote when partnering with Habitat for Humanity-Spokane. Volunteers come alongside Future Homeowners as they complete partnership hours building their own homes – and their neighbor’s homes – as part of Habitat’s Homeownership Program. Future Homeowners are empowered by taking financial readiness courses to prepare them for owning a house and paying a mortgage. At the end of the program, families buy their affordable, safe, and decent Habitat house and thanks to generous donors and community partners pay a mortgage that will never cost them more than 30% of their monthly income.

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