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A Statement from Habitat-Spokane’s CEO, Michelle Girardot

I am heartbroken and outraged over the fatal shooting that stole eight people’s lives in Atlanta, GA. Once again, communities are left to grapple with grief and shattered peace where families are left with irreparable losses and aching hearts.

This outburst of violence brings echoes of the dehumanizing public rhetoric that has targeted the AAPI community. In the past year, that violence has grown louder, and it has consequences.

Anyone inciting racial, anti-immigrant, or sexist language must stop. Any violence against anyone must be fully investigated with justice served.

Habitat for Humanity stands with the AAPI community and the partner families we serve and stands against the violence, hate, and racism they are experiencing. Justice and equity must exist if we are to build the Beloved Community. 

We will continue to work towards a world where inclusivity and belonging are engrained in our communities.