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A Statement About George Floyd

By Habitat-Spokane CEO, Michelle Girardot

I can’t put into words the shame, disgust, sadness and outrage I know I share with so many others in response to the killing of George Floyd. I know as a white woman I navigate this world differently. I will never be able to comprehend the fear that mothers in this same world have for their black and brown babies have–with vastly different and unjust outcomes.

I won’t be gunned down walking down the street like Ahmaud Arbery, I won’t fear my daughters being shot in their home like Breonna Taylor. I won’t be strangled and choked to death by police, like George Floyd was.

Privilege allows me to look away from the uncomfortable. That is an injustice and we cannot look away.

Habitat for Humanity was born out of a movement to build incredible and radical inclusivity, during a time when this activity would be seen as a threat. It’s a vision that I’m proud to stand by and fight to build for every day. Habitat for Humanity’s vision is one that is welcoming to all and embraces diverse views. Habitat for Humanity breaks down barriers and often builds the foundation of understanding and reconciliation, working alongside all who are willing to partner no matter who you are, or where you come from, we all deserve to have a decent life. This vision will always remain true.

Habitat for Humanity goes beyond building foundation, walls and a roof. It builds justice and equity, and is a tool for healing racial divides. It challenges us to recognize and call out the inequities in our communities and strive to be intentional in breaking down systemic injustice in those communities we are called to build.

I’m angry, ashamed and heartbroken. Silence is a cancer that grows. It’s time to speak out against injustice and listen to those who have been unheard. Even more so, we cannot look away and we must demand better from ourselves and our leaders.

We stand with the Twin Cities Habitat affiliate and resolve to continue to fight for justice, uproot historic, systemic and institutional racism and to further build a world where there is equity for all.

We must live in love and help to shine the light on injustice. We must also listen when we are commanded to love our neighbors.



Michelle Girardot
Habitat for Humanity-Spokane