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Mahsumeh and Ali

This week as the holiday season begins, I am so grateful for the safety and comfort of my home. The smell of baked goods, laughter and holiday cheer…There really isn’t a better feeling than being home for the holidays with the ones you love.

The comfort of being home for the holidays takes on a greater meaning to us here at Habitat-Spokane.

Sadly, every day the list grows longer of countless families who are living in desperate conditions no one deserves to endure. They, too, will try to bring holiday cheer into their homes. But it will be hard to lift their spirits amongst the cold, rotting floors, leaking roofs and hazardous mold… or worse, living without a home at all.

With your holiday gift today, whatever you can spare, you can give another family in need of a decent place to live the best gift of all…a place to call home.

Meet Mahsumeh, whose path to Habitat for Humanity speaks volumes to her determination for a brighter future. Mahsumeh was a child bride in Afghanistan, married at just 13 years old. She endured unthinkable violence and abuse every day. At 14 years old, she gave birth to a baby boy, Ali, who weighed just 1lb. 8oz. Mahsumeh had long dreamed of a life where her little family would find a safe place to call home.

They fled the life they knew and came to Spokane. Working two jobs as a single mom, Mahsumeh has overcome so much to create a brighter future for herself and Ali. But, without a safe and affordable place to call home, they’ve struggled to keep hope alive—until they found Habitat for Humanity.

Mahsumeh came to Habitat for Humanity with an urgent need for a safe, decent, healthy and affordable home for her family.Mahsumeh and Ali

The support of donors like you empower families like Mahsumeh’s to achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership. While Mahsumeh is looking forward to the safety her home will provide; Ali is excited to have a yard and kids to play with. Most of all, Mahsumeh is eager to make affordable mortgage payments for a home that she will own.
“Your own home, is your own. Nothing compares to it.”

This is a season of generous giving and many requests, I know. Think of how exciting it will be for Mahsumeh and Ali to celebrate the holidays in their new home. With your help, many more families will share that experience in 2019. Your year-end donation is crucial to the continued
success of our programs.

So please, join me right now in giving the gift of home for the holidays.

God bless,
Michelle M. Girardot
Chief Executive Officer