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Meet Oumar and Halima, whose path to Habitat for Humanity speaks volumes to their determination for a brighter future.

In 2010, Oumar fled Sudan in search for a better life for his family. Although the road was difficult, Oumar found purpose in working hard to achieve something he never knew would be possible – owning a safe home where his family could finally thrive.

After fleeing Sudan, it took Oumar years to reunite his whole family again. Their kids remember living in refugee camps in Libya; the violence and hunger they all endured while being separated from their father.

Having survived those times is a feat in its own.

Yet, even now that he has his whole family in Spokane, they continue to struggle to find a healthy and affordable place to call home.

In their last rental Oumar said “The floor was always flooding. I called and called. It took months before it was fixed.”

After moving four times in just three years, they found Habitat for Humanity.

They came to Habitat-Spokane with an urgent need for a safe, decent, healthy and affordable home for their family.

Now, they are one step closer to a longtime dream of home-ownership. They have worked hundreds of hours building their own home. They have also helped build over 8 homes in their neighborhood alongside many Habitat volunteers. All the while they have been working hard at their jobs, saving $4,000 for closing costs and taking home-buyer readiness courses.

Oumar and Halima with their children (and one on the way!)

It is important to Oumar and Halima for their four school age children to have a safe place to study and play. Their daughter has dreams of becoming a doctor. Without a stable home, that dream will be hard to achieve.

Looking forward, they speak of their desire to hold the keys to an affordable home of their own. A home where they won’t have to worry about their children’s future.

The support of donors like you empower families like Oumar and Halima’s to achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership.

When asked what they are looking forward to in their new home, they speak of the safety their home will provide and the opportunity to make friends with new neighbors. Their children are excited to have a yard and other kids to play basketball with. Most of all, they are eager to be a part of a community in Spokane.

“I love Spokane and the people here. It is so peaceful; I never want to leave.” Bowing his head, Oumar says over and over, “I thank God for the volunteers and donors who support Habitat, and who are supporting my family.”

Habitat for Humanity needs your continued support to make even more lasting impact in our community.

Think of how exciting it will be for Oumar and Halima to celebrate their new home with their growing family. With your help, many more families will share that experience in 2020.