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The safety of all of our donors, volunteers and our community means more than anything to us. Habitat for Humanity-Spokane cares deeply about the impact COVID-19 will have, especially on the families we serve. Now, more than ever, it is important to raise the funds necessary to build homes and hope for the hardworking individuals and families that need a stable, safe and decent place to live.

Our luncheon is our BIGGEST fundraiser every year. If we didn’t have this event, if we didn’t have YOU and your generous support, we simply would not have the funds to build.

YOU, the critical supporters of Habitat, know that home ownership isn’t only for the upper middle class and above. You know the life-changing benefits affordable homeownership provides to the most vulnerable. A Habitat home provides stability and security – something everyone needs right now.

It is imperative we still hold our largest annual fundraiser so this year, we will Build Hope virtually. The requirement for social distance will not stop us from building hope for families in desperate need of a safe place to live.

All guests are invited to our virtual table to help us reach our $150,000 fundraising goal.



All of our guests will sign up on our campaign website via Classy.org. There’s no fee to register but this is a fundraiser, so all donations are welcome!

There are THREE OPTIONS to register for the event:

1: FUNDRAISE and join an existing team
2: DONATE straight to the campaign
3: FUNDRAISE by starting your OWN team (which is like having your very own table at our event)!

On April 28, 29, and 30 all guests who have registered will receive an email at noon each day containing videos of what they would normally experience in person. We’ll invite everyone to grab their lunch and have a watch party with us from the comfort of their own home. Each day there will be updates about our fundraising efforts as well as shoutouts to our donors and opportunities to ask us questions.

Day 1 email: You will hear directly from CEO Michelle Girardot who will announce our annual award recipients!
Day 2 email: Features our keynote speaker, Dr. Michael McDonnell, Associate Professor in Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine at WSU.
Day 3 email: We will hear from a Habitat Kid who is growing up in their safe and healthy Habitat home.

Guests will essentially “attend” the luncheon via email and the venue for the luncheon is a website fundraising platform called Classy.org.

Our gratitude for all of you is enormous! Everyone who supports us means Habitat will remain a beacon of HOPE.

These are unprecedented times and the uncertainty so many of us feel today, many families have felt for a lifetime – if not generations. The ‘prescription’ to stay at home will save lives – yet we know how difficult that is for the individuals and families we serve.

Thank you for coming alongside us for Hope Builders Luncheon. Together we will extend a helping hand to all those struggling for a place to shelter during these uncertain times.

Habitat for Humanity-Spokane