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Meet Rachel and Ike, whose path to Habitat for Humanity speaks volumes to their determination for a brighter future. Like many families, the way to stability is often met with challenges. For Rachel and Ike, they’ve had to balance their hard work towards homeownership and overcoming addiction.

Rachel and Ike got married in 2015 and have always dreamed of owning a home. The couple has two young kids, Kelynn, 4, and Ezekial, 2. They are focused on supporting each other while working to create a stable home life for their family. But with the cost of a home in our community becoming more out of reach, they have had to move more times than they can count.

More than anything, Rachel and Ike want to put down roots so their entire family can thrive.

The couple came to Habitat for Humanity with an urgent need for a safe, decent, healthy, and affordable home. They are one step closer to a longtime dream of homeownership, having worked hundreds of hours on sweat equity, saving $4,000 for closing costs and taking homebuyer readiness courses.

The support of donors like you empower families like Rachel and Ike to achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through homeownership.

They are looking forward to the safety and stability their home will provide, and their kids are excited to have a yard and space to learn, grow, and play. Most of all, they are eager to deepen their community in Spokane.

“Owning a home has been a lifelong dream, but when addiction hit our family, it seemed like an impossibility,” shares Rachel. “Without you, our dream would not be a reality. There are not enough words to express the gratitude in my heart for your generosity and the incredible opportunity you are providing for my family.”

Habitat for Humanity needs your continued support to make an even more lasting impact in our community.

This is a season of generous giving and many requests, we know. Think of how exciting it will be for Rachel and Ike to celebrate their new home with their family. With your help, many more families will share that experience in 2021. Your year-end donation is crucial to the continued success of our programs. So please, join us right now in giving the gift of home for the holidays.