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& show your support of affordable homeownership with this yard sign!

Housing is a non-partisan issue – everyone should commit to making the #costofhome affordable.

Right now, the lack of available housing is forcing families into overcrowded and unhealthy living situations. Essential workers, desperate to secure certainty through homeownership, are faced with few options and bidding wars. A reasonably priced decent home is no longer available in Spokane. We all want to see our neighbors thriving in our community rather than choosing between a roof overhead, healthcare, or food for their children.

Safe, decent, and affordable housing is part of the solution.

Putting this sign in your yard helps Habitat-Spokane share this message. It shows that you walk alongside us and advocate for affordable homeownership opportunities in the Spokane community. It represents that you care about the health, safety, equity, and wellbeing of your neighbors. You’re willing to help lift them up to build a stronger future for themselves, and for their children.

All yard signs come with metal “H” frames

pickup starts October 10th 
Habitat-Spokane Store
1805 E. Trent Ave.

Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm