Habitat for Humanity-Spokane is taking a proactive stance on COVID-19. We are following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and additionally, we have established an internal COVID-19 plan that we will implement in response to this ongoing global health emergency.

We are deeply committed to Habitat’s mission while taking reasonable measures to protect our staff, volunteers and the people we serve while ensuring operational continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Volunteers and Construction

We care deeply about our volunteers and the impact they make by helping us build homes. At this time and per recommendation by Habitat International, we will not be halting construction. We believe that continuing to build for those who need an affordable place to live (now more than ever) is the right thing to do. However, to ensure we are doing our part in keeping exposure minimal, our volunteer shifts will be limited to smaller groups per job site. We plan on re-opening our Hope Meadows build site so we can have two small crews going. When possible, and weather permitting, we will keep all work to the outside of the homes. All tools used on the job sites will require the use of gloves (volunteers will be asked to bring their own gloves) and individuals will be assigned their own set of tools to use throughout their shift. Should tools need to be shared, disinfecting wipes will be used prior to handover. All tools will also be disinfected daily after use.

Volunteers and the Habitat-Store

We love our volunteers that keep the Habitat-Spokane Store running efficiently. We are following the CDC guidelines closely and as of right now, the Store is going to operate as normal. We have posted strict guidelines to hand washing and have provided hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes at every checkout stand and next to every phone. Employees and volunteers are required to stay home if they are feeling unwell. Should cases of COVID-19 start to arise in Spokane, we will re-evaluate our operations and rest-assured, we will communicate our strategies moving forward.

We continue to closely monitor information and guidelines from the:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Spokane Regional Health District

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No matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent life. Everyone deserves the opportunity for a better future.

west central project

Through the Derelict Housing program, Habitat for Humanity-Spokane will be turning “Zombie Homes” into decent, safe and AFFORDABLE homes.

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The mission of the Habitat Store is to provide sustainable, long-term financial support to the mission of Habitat for Humanity-Spokane.


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