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together we are building a world

where everyone has a safe, decent,

and affordable place to call home.❤️


The year is off to an amazing start! 50 GroundBreakers have joined the club so far, raising over $2,000 in the month of January. Every month we will update this page with the number of members we have and how much has been raised by this group alone.

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 and/or reach 100 monthly donors. 

A Habitat house costs around $200,000 to build. We’d love to see this monthly community of donors raise enough funds to build half of a house and we are beyond thankful you are along for the ride!

invite your friends!

It takes all of us, together, to build homes, hope, and community. Tell your friends about Habitat-Spokane’s GroundBreakers Club and invite them to build homes with you, one monthly donation at a time!

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family highlight

Gloria was featured in our Winter 2021 Newsletter so we thought we’d share some more photos of her earning sweat equity out on the job site! She and her son are both putting in a lot of hard work, and our construction supervisors are singing their praises. Every shift is treated with a determination to get the job done, no matter what is thrown their way.

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