Seeing the Vision and Hearing the Call

Let’s take a moment to look at the big picture.
One of the most appealing aspects of working with Habitat for Humanity is that building a house provides a tangible opportunity to live out your faith. Giving of your time, treasure and talents makes faith come alive.

Building a Habitat-Spokane house allows you to have a new understanding of poverty housing. When you work side by side with the future homeowner family, you break through barriers and see one another as real people—as partners. Also, getting to know people in need of housing creates an urgency to respond.

Strong feelings of community develop as people work together to plan and build a Habitat house. New friendships are created within the congregation and within the community. When the house is finished, volunteers and homeowners feel a great sense of pride and connection with one another.

Many congregations experience great spiritual renewal when they build a house. Lives are changed. Often new families join the church and the congregation as a whole sees new purpose. Making the commitment to sponsor a Habitat for Humanity-Spokane house means praying about the project, raising the money and recruiting the volunteers for construction. It is a big step of faith. However, those who take that step realize incredible blessings when the church obeys the call of Christ to help our neighbors in need.

Habitat-Spokane partners with all congregations of the Church. Here is what a relationship can look like:

Habitat-Spokane will provide:

■ a building lot.
■ a homeowner family screened for willingness to partner, ability to pay and need.
■ construction supervision and direction.
■ legal work for closing and processing a mortgage.
■ guidance and resources to help the church organize and promote the building project.

Congregations will partner in these ways:
■ pray for the ministry of Habitat-Spokane.
■ provide the funds or in-kind contributions needed to build the house or a portion of the house.
■ provide volunteers to build.

Get Involved:

Learn more about home sponsorship or volunteerism, here! For more information, please contact Angie at afunnell@habitat-spokane.org.

Click to financially sponsor a build, here!

Click to learn more about volunterism, here!

To learn more about how to get involved, please fill out this contact form.